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Duncan Chaplin Lee, addressed by Robert Stripling before HUAC, 1948

A review of Mark A. Bradley‘s book A Very Principled Boy: The Life of Duncan Lee, Red Spy and Cold Warrior (Boston: Basic Books, 2014) appears in the latest issue of American Communist History (Volume 14, Issue 1), peer-reviewed journal of the academic association Historians of American Communism (HOAC)

The review, entitled “Fascination–Revulsion” cites many strengths in the book but also recommends a different approach to comparing protagonist Duncan Chaplin Lee — not to Whittaker Chambers but to Alger Hiss.

The article is available as follows:
American Communist History (subscription)
Academia.edu (no subscripton – PDF)
ResearchGate (no subscription – PDF)

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(During a public appearance before the Virginia Historical Society, the author explained how Senator Daniel Inouye brought up Bradley’s personal connection with his subject.)


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