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M. Stanton Evans: Blacklisted by History

Blacklisted by History
M. Stanton Evans
(New York: Crown Forum, 2007)

This book, which defends the career of Senator Joseph McCarthy, has some interesting quotes about Whittaker Chambers.

Regarding infiltration:

As to the purpose of such infiltration, Chambers made a couple of further points that in subsequent security debates would be too much neglected. First, that the Communists with whom he worked were, either directly or indirectly, agents of Moscow, albeit with varying levels of commitment, and that the whole operation was managed by Russian or other foreign commissars to whom Chambers as middleman reported. And second, that the object of the infiltration wasn’t merely to filch secret papers, though his did occur, but to place people in position of trust where they could affect the course of policy in favor of the Soviet Union.(p. 53)

Regarding pro-Soviet policy-makers in the U.S. Government:

As the postwar diaspora suggested, and as FBI agent Guy Hottel observed to Director Hoover, large number of the Bentley people had moved, or were moving, to policy-making jobs that wold affect the shape of things to come in the dawning East-West struggle. They were often well placed to guide or implement decisions, not simply kibitz as others did so. And people actually making policy, rather than learning about it secondhand, generally, doens’t have much time–or need–for spying. As Whittaker Chambers had pointed out, it was the policy making that counted.(p. 134)

Regarding a pre-1948 source of Soviet infiltration:

Soviet Espionage in the United States, November 27, 1945. This is a remarkable report of fifty pages, single spaced, that ties together the Bentley data, COMRAP/CINRAD, Amerasia, information from defectors (including Victor Kravchenko and Whittaker Chambers), and other bureau sources. It shows that the FBI, at the threshold of the Cold War, had a detailed, comprehensive understanding of Soviet-communist operations n the United States. (p. 139)

Regarding post-Hiss Case attitudes:

There was evidence of hostility to anti-communist spokesmen and leaders. Employees of the French-language service [of VOA] testified that, when Whittaker Chambers’ Witness appeared and a proposal was made to review it on the air, the head of the section had said, “Whittaker Chambers is a psychopath. Don’t touch him with a ten-foot pole.” (p. 463)

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(Mentions Whittaker Chambers on pages 52-53, 54, 71, 77, 91, 101, 111, 123, 125, 129, 134, 139, 141, 157, 307, 319, 335, 342, 374, 463, 508, 522n 609, 610)

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